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Roof Cleaning

We’re not here to tell you that roofs are important to your home. From providing insulation to… , keeping you dry, we’re guessing you know that already! What you might not know, however, is that roofs actually need a fair amount of maintenance. In particular, they need to be regularly and thoroughly cleaned.

Why’s that? We’re glad you asked! Hydro Clean Exterior Ltd are experts in the field of roof cleaning, but in our experience, many people don’t realise how important this service is. That goes for the owners of residential properties across the entire northwest of England.

Due to the adverse weather we often experience up here – we’re particularly prone to the growth of things like algae, lichen and moss on our roofs. As these unwanted substances build up and up, they begin to disrupt the flow of rainwater (which, again, we’re no stranger to in these parts!) down the roof and into the guttering. Thus, more and more moisture stays on the roof, and – in turn – these build-ups get worse and worse.

What does this mean for your roof? Well, if you’ve got a load of algae, moss and dirt all over it, then it obviously won’t look very attractive! If you’re planning to entertain this summer, as many people do, then you obviously want your home to look as nice as it possibly can.

If you’re planning to sell your home – with summer being the best time to do so – then roof cleaning is an absolute must. A dirty roof will make your home appear unattractive, and could dissuade a potential buyer immediately. A good roof cleaning session, by contrast, will boost your “curb appeal” in no time at all.

Aside from simple aesthetics, there are more serious ramifications for not carrying out regular roof cleaning. If proper drainage isn’t possible on your roof, because moss, lichen and so on have been allowed to thrive there, then it can lead to damp areas inside your home. Algae, in particular, can also actually feed off the shingles on your roof. In turn, the efficiency with which your home retains heat can nosedive, leading to a sharp upturn in your energy bills.

“That all sounds well and good,” we hear you say, “But can’t I just do my own roof cleaning?” Well, technically, yes you can! We would strongly advise against it, however.

Firstly, you’re obviously taking a big risk by going up onto the roof of your home in the first place. Secondly, you’re also putting your home at risk, because – without proper roof cleaning training – you might end up doing more harm than good up there. Finally, even if nothing actually goes wrong, the chances are that – again, without training, not to mention professional-level equipment – you won’t actually solve the problems. Sure, you might make the roof look cleaner, but it’s unlikely you’ll genuinely clean it, and rid it of all that troublesome algae and whatnot.

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