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Slippery Patio? How to Prevent it.

Slippery Patio? How to Prevent it.

Patio Cleaning

Slippery Patio

Nobody wants a green, dirty, slippery patio. While the winter weather isn’t ideal for spending time outdoors, there are other beneficial reasons for keeping your patio clean during the colder months.

You may not use your patio during the winter months for outdoor entertaining or dining. But many patio areas are part of our outdoor access routes, therefore, are regularly used.

Slip Hazards

Many people associate winter with wet, icy conditions. But most fail to see the slip hazards of a dirty patio. Ice and snow are a visible sign to take caution. Although, caution isn’t always as common when it comes to algae growth. Algae and organic growth can create a significant slip hazard on all types of patios. Often catching people unaware of how dangerous the surface has become.

As algae and other organic growth establish on the patio surface they create a biofilm. This thin layer of organic growth stays wet. This can prevent your patio from drying naturally. This thin layer of growth can be extremely slippery, catching people off guard on mild winter days when slip hazards are least expected.

Preventing Algae Growth

Although algae can grow on most surfaces in the right conditions, it can be managed easily. Sadly your patio creates an ideal surface and climate for it to establish. Here are a few simple tips that will help slow down algae growth and prevent a slippery patio.

  • Remove fallen leaves during autumn on a regular basis.
  • Avoid placing excessive plant pots and garden ornaments on your patio.
  • Hose down any built-up mud and dirt from the surface.
  • Fix any dripping garden taps or guttering around the patio area.
  • Keep adjoining hedges and bushes trimmed back to prevent overhang.

As you can see, most of the tips on stopping algae growth are based around preventing excessive moisture as well as shade. Both of which can provide an ideal growing environment for algae.

Your Patio Professionally Cleaned

Following our tips to prevent algae will help reduce growth. Professional cleaning using the latest equipment and high-temperature cleaning techniques removes algae effectively and safely. This combined with a professional treatment application which prevents the regrowth of algae and organic matter for up to two years.

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